Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not My Ideal Four-Day Weekend

So this four-day weekend was sounding like a lot of fun.  We agreed to take one of the cousins for the four days because Aunty was taking a couple of the kiddos to a soccer tourny.  I was a bit miffed to find out that Uncle was not only not working this weekend but also going along for the vacation.  I think if anyone deserves a vacation, it's him but...

Anyway, M is very close in age to Ry so I knew they would have fun.  I was just NOT expecting all the fighting! :-(  They have been bickering for three days straight and tomorrow will be the same I'm sure.  They fight over who will be player one, who can jump the highest, who gives better noogies?  Really guys?  Can't you just go play something else?

This morning I got to stay in my bedroom until 11 and Dad-Dad took over... Did I mention that he has been gone all weekend?  Friday was a baseball game where he was keeping score and didn't get home until 6:30.  Saturday was supposed to be a 10 AM referee job and a 2PM referee job that also extended into a 6PM referee job.  He saw nothing wrong with just letting me know "there was a change of plans."  Aaargh.  Not cool.  You would rather tell me  "too bad" than tell someone you don't know that you can't stay for a third game?  Really?  Thanks.  I ended up bringing all three boys to the 6 PM game for something to do, but of course had to referee their fighting in the cold instead of watching the game.  I guess I got my point across though, since I did get to stay in hiding until 11 this morning, which means he cancelled his 10 AM game for today.

Of course, instead of just taking the 2PM game he told me about, Dad-dad just posted to FB that he has a 2Pm AND a 4PM game today... What?!!!  Thanks again. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of you letting me find out through FB.

Fast forward to now, the TV has been off of almost an hour because the two big boys couldn't stop fighting over controllers and which way to go and... whatever.  Ry has fallen asleep in his room and M is playing with little O.  They keep wandering in and trying to turn on the TV but have gotten turned away three times.  I like the new arrangement.  it's quieter and I needed the break.  If only it weren't so cold outside.  I can't get anyone to agree to going to the park... I'm afraid for tomorrow. :-(

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