Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tax Time Again...

I don't dread tax time as much as I did when single because I know I won't end up owing (usually) but I still don't look forward to it either.  Because of the interest on the house loan and my student loans, we come out alright, but Dad-Dad's income puts us on a whole new page on the Tax schedule!  What I really need to do is begin a deposit from each of his checks to the savings account I opened over a year ago and save some money.  It's so hard to save money! [insert sad face here]

TurboTax has been my go-to move since we got married, just out of convenience.  I love how they save everything online for us and import last years data into this years return automatically.  It is a huge improvement over my paper booklet and pencil I used for years.  I just hate the fact that they take $100+ from my return in fees.  I've thought about going to a tax preparation place like H&R Block to see if they could save me more, but they are even more expensive... What's a girl to do?

So this year it looks like we are getting back enough to pay off the only credit card we have that charges interest.  That's what we do every year!  I pay off the credit card and we spend all year charging it back up again.  Now, a wise person would probably adjust the tax deductions on my W-4 in order to keep more money at home during the year.  My problem with that is I never know how much money he is going to make during the year as a free-lance writer and soccer referee, so I don't know what his taxes will be.  Again, back to putting a portion of his check into a separate account. LOL  It seems so obvious.

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