Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gearing Up for Project Simplify March 2012!

So even though I'm still sick and Ry has had pink-eye (cleared up, going back to school tomorrow) I am very excited about this weekend!  His weekend begins Project Simplify, a four-week clean-up and organization project from Simple Mom.  

Every week I (and the family) will work on one cluttered place in order to make it work better and feel more relaxing... Who wouldn't want that?

The schedule:
§                      Week of March 5: Kids’ stuff 
This will be the playroom.  It's not really that bad as far as everything having a place, it's just super packed full of toys with little room to play.  This means all the toys are brought out into the living room, which then becomes a huge mess.  With the baby coming, we really have to start working on keeping the tiny Legos out of reach and trippy, slippy cars out of the walkway.  I'm especially worried about the "purge" part of the clean-up... What kid WANTS to get rid of a toy?

§                      Week of March 12: Kitchen and/or pantry
This will be the office closet used for food storage.  Again, it's not like there isn't enough room, I just haven't been able to get to it since O's birthday when most of the toys got moved in.  It's also a good time to take inventory and start stocking up again.  It's almost embarrassing how long it's been since I really went grocery shopping... Though I am proud of how long we have been able to eat off of our food stores! :-)

§                      Week of March 19: Closets, countertops, and drawers
Most definitely MY CLOTHES.  I am truly embarrassed at the mess of my clothing in the corner of my room.  Here I do have to say I just don't have enough storage space.  Since pulling out my maternity clothes at the beginning of the month, I have yet to put anything non-maternity in the Salvation Army pile OR in the closet... bad, right? :-(  I do anticipate needing some shelves or another dresser, but I'm not to keen on the idea of buying one.  I'll have to keep this in mind as the weeks progress.

§                      Week of March 26: Choose your own adventure
Oh, for sure the garage!  What a mess... We have enough sporting equipment to open our own Sports Authority!  With Dad-Dad's reffing, coaching, and playing AND Ry's playing baseball and soccer we have so much stuff in the garage.  Thankfully the gardening things are all in the backyard shed (neat and organized thank you) so we don't have to worry about pesticides and * eek* dirt!  LOL We have to get at least one bike up on hooks along with some of the bigger sports bags... I'm sure buying shelves will be on the to-do list.  I've already started pricing them.  I just wish Closetmaid still made the free-standing shelf for over the washer and dryer!  Dad has them in his garage, and i am NOT a fan of the flimsy hook-to-your-washer kind that replaced it...

I really am looking forward to this challenge and plan on posting before and after pictures.  Wish me luck!!!

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