Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of Those Rare Days (Mom-Mom time with the boys)

Today was one of those rare days when I get off work and Dad-Dad leaves.  He brought the boys to my school on his way to an assignment, which was actually very neat because some of my coworkers got to see them for the first time in a year or more.  I just love how excited they are to run the hallways and inspect all the student desks in my room.   They almost always leave me some sort of surprise to find the next day, either a drawing or a toys left behind.  I realized after leaving that the surprise this time would be O's training pants!  I remember him having them when he came through the gates but have no idea what happened to them after that.

After leaving my school, they decided that they were hungry so I took them through Del Taco's drive-thru for some go old home-cooking. :-)  This just makes me more sure that I need to start cooking again... Oh the guilt...

Anyway, we ate at the dinner table and had polite conversation (minus the burp and crying about not getting white sauce on the taco he said he didn't want white sauce on) and I got to just breath and look at them.  One of the things we figured out a while back is that they really need to be separated at the table. They both behave a bit better when their audience is farther away.  I just love sitting at a table with them though.  There is something so satisfying about feeding your own kids, even if it is Del Taco.

After dinner the big guy got his homework packet done without whining and complaining, so I'm glad we had him do the heavy writing parts a few days ago.  He is a very good writer and knows how to make complete sentences with his awesome handwriting, but for some reason the process of writing more than one or two words at a time becomes a chore.  Not that he doesn't just sit down and write all about something HE wants to write about when it's not homework...  His math this week seemed to be all over the board with estimation, ordinal words, and ordering two-digit numbers but he breezed right through.  I always find myself asking him for more information than the page asks for just to make him think more.  I'm afraid that for how easy his homework is now, he will shut down if he comes to something harder later on, though I doubt it will be in the next few years.

O had dry pants when we got home with dinner and sat on the potty after dinner without much complaint. I walked away and left him with the Nook for a bit and sure enough, he performed.  I have a much more positive outlook on his potty training now than I did just a month ago.  he seems to be getting it though I find myself knocking on the wooden table top as I write about it. :-)  My baby boy is growing up.  Now when I ask if he is a baby or a big boy, his answer is always "I'm a big boy."  This is quite a shift from the beginning of the year when he requested that I call him baby and demanded diapers.  Hopefully he will be completely out of trainers and fully toilet trained by the time this baby comes in June.

Speaking of the new baby, what ARE we going to name him?!  I have been 100% sure of the name Eli ever since finding out he was a boy, but now with this stupid Super Bowl I realize we would be naming him the name of the winning quarterback.  In a few years I think the only ones who will realize the coincidence will have the last name Pope so it shouldn't be too big of a deal, but what about this year and next?  I really don't ant people to think I name my kids after football players, winners or not...  I am so excited to meet my little hiccup-er though, no matter his name. :-)

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